Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to SW IT Services. SW IT Services will not pass on any personal information from your feedback to third parties and none of our current apps collect any personal information.

Cookies: This web site does not use cookies and we do not track movements around this site by any other methods.

If you wish to publicly rate and review any app this can be done within the appropriate store environment (Windows Store or Google Play). Such feedback is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined by Microsoft here and Google here as appropriate.

App Specific Policies


CGreetings accesses the internet only to allow the app to get help pages and for the user to submit feedback via this web site. No information is transmitted from the CGreetings app to the internet other than what the user types into the feedback pages.

The feedback pages will ask for the users name and email address when sending feedback or requesting assistance. This information is not kept on the SW IT Services web site and is used only for the purposes of communicating back with the user in relation to the query that was sent. This personal information (name and email address) will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be passed onto third parties.

Feedback may be used in advertising the services of SW IT Services but only after it has been anonymised (by removal of email address and surname).


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