MyWeather Android app (Beta)

This page contains information regarding the use of the MyWeather personal weather app and gives download access to the application.

This application is free for non commercial use but is should be understood that this is Beta code and thus no guarantee can be given regards the use of this app. Any comments regarding the use of this app and the reporting of any bugs should be done by submitting a contact form from the contact page.

This application is compatable with Android phones and tablets from Android Version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above only.

Tap the picture of the main screen below to download the app to your devices SD card. To install this app you will need to have your device configured to allow side loading. To do this go to Settings, Security and tick the 'Allow installation of non-Market apps' in the 'Device Administration' section.  To install the app locate the 'myweather.apk' file via your devices file manager, tap on the file and follow the on screen prompts.

This 'personal weather' application will display a summary of the weather for any location that the BBC reports weather for (as it uses BBC supplied rss feeds as its source).

The app supplies a summary of the weather for the current day and the next 3 days.

The background pictures on the app will change depending upon the weather. The user can have a choice of backgrounds configurable from within the app.

A personal message can be added.

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The app is controlled via a number of on screen buttons. Their use when tapped is described as below. The first three buttons are on the bottom right of the main screen the others are accessable from within the settings screen.

Button Icon Description
Switch Background Button Switch Background Cycles through the three background images for dry, wet and cold weather.
Expand button Expand Produces a drop down display that summarises the next 3 days weather. Click again to return to the main 1 day summary.
Settings button Settings Opens the Settings screen where various app options can be configured (see below). The following buttons are on this settings screen.
Add location button Add location Produces a dialog screen that allows new weather locations to be added
Delete location button Delete location Produces a dialog screen that allows an existing weather location to be deleted
Help on message button Help on messages Provides help on the available tokens that can be used in messages
Reset button Reset to default Resets the app to factory defaults. Will include removing any locations added or deleted.
Save button Save settings Save the settings you have entered.
Cancel button Cancel Cancel without making any changes.

In use

An icon to illustrate todays weather is displayed on the top centre of the screen. If this is tapped a banner giving full detail of todays weather is displayed. Tapping the icon again will hide the banner. It will automatically hide after 5 seconds of display.

To the right of todays weather icon is an indication of the current wind speed and direction (The arrow pointing down is a wind from the north).

Below the wind icon is a temperature guage that indicates todays maximum temperature and the minimum temperature today.
Main screen in use

Settings screen

The settings screen is where the app is configured to your personal taste. In addition to the buttons on this screen (as indicated above) there is a drop down list of available towns, a field to enter your personal message and a choice of three sets of background images.

The app comes pre configured with a number of locations (towns and cities) that the app can be set to monitor the weather from. To choose one of these tap the location field and a drop down list will display. To scroll up and down the list drag with your finger over the list. To choose a location just tap the location in the list. If the location you require is not in the list then new locations can be added via the ADD icon (See below for details).
Settings screen
A personal message can be added to the bottom of the main screen by taping the message field and entering the message of your choice via the onscreen keyboard. In addition to a standard message a number of tokens are available that can be used as follows. For example if '[25/12/2013] till christmas' was entered it may display '12 weeks and 3 days till christmas'.

One of three sets of background pictures can be chosen. To select the chosen backgrounds just tap on the appropriate thumbnail picture.

To save any changes that have been made on this screen tap the SAVE (the disk symbol) button.

Adding new locations

To add a new location tap the + button on the settings screen. You must now find the weather feed for this location by going to the BBC Weather web site (Tap the link from within the Add Location dialog).

In the 'Find a Forecast' search box type the name of the location you require and then tap the search icon. Select the location you require from the drop down list that appears (as right).

A weather page for that location will now load. Tap the RSS Feed button on that page (as shown right) and tap the 'Next 3 days' option from the drop down list that displays. The RSS Feed will now load.

Copy the URL of the RSS feed by long pressing the addess field and when the Text Selection dialog appears at the top of the screen tap the Copy icon.

Now return to the Add Location dialog via the Recent Apps button or by tapping the back button 4 times.

Tap the Location field and enter the name of the Location via the onscreen keyboard.
Finding RSS Feeds

Copying RSS Feeds
Now tap the enter key to move to the Country field and enter the Country where the location is. Use short forms of country names (e.g. uk or usa) rather than long forms of the names. Tap enter to move to the RSS Feed url field. Now long press on this field till the Paste button displays. Tap the paste button to paste the address you copied earlier into this field. Now click the SAVE button to save this location in the available locations list.

Note that this will not make this new location the active location. To make it the active location tap the location field and you will now see that the new location has been added to the available locations list. Note that locations are stored in alphabetical order.

If you make an error entering a new location it cannot be edited after it has been saved. To correct the error delete the location and then re-add it.

Future releases

There will be future releases of this app, that will add features and if necessary fix bugs. Check back here to see if a new version is available.

The major feature scheduled for the next release will be the ability to add your own background pictures from images stored on your SD card.

The MyWeather application is © Steve Worsley of SW IT Services. The weather feeds used by this app are © British Broadcasting Corporation.


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