CWallChanger - Wallpaper changer

A completely new, improved and modernised version of CWallChanger is now available.

This page relates to the latest version. This new version requires Windows 10 build 1803 or above. The older (version 1) is still available from the download page and will run on Windows 7 and above (It will not run on Windows RT computers). For information on the older version download and install the utility from the download page and press F1 after loading. The older version will need Microsoft .Net version 4 to be installed. Early versions of Windows 7 may need upgrading.

CWallChanger is a desktop wallpaper change utility that displays pictures as a slide show, changing the desktop background at regular, defineable intervals. This is free to use and distribute and is available from the download page.

The utility will change the desktop wallpaper at selected intervals using a list of images that the user selects. These images can be saved as lists of favourite images which can be loaded at any time. The list of images (known as a slide show) will run on a continuous loop until stopped by the user. If the user has left a slide show running and the utility is set to 'Autorun' it will automatically start running again each time the computer restarts.



You will require a PC or Tablet computer running Windows 10 version 1803 or above. If you have a previous version when you upgrade to the latest version first uninstall the older version and then download the latest version from the download page.


To install CWallChanger download the self extracting installation package from the download page. After download click the CWallSetup.exe and follow the on screen instructions to install the utility. The utility will load the utility and display the main screen similar to that shown below after installation. However, when this is run for the first time only one thumbnail of the current screen wallpaper will display.

CWallChanger main screen

CWallChanger main screen

Basic Use

Full instructions for using the CWallChanger utility are given in the Help screens within the utility itself. Thus only the basics are given here. To view the Help screens click the Help option from the utilities menu or press the F1 key.

On first load the main window shows only the current wallpaper. To add wallpapers to the slide show click the grey + 'Add" button at the top left of the window to open a file picker. Select an image file from the file system and click open. Alternatively images can be added to the utility by dragging and dropping them from the file system (via windows explorer) onto the current list of wallpapers within the utility.

To delete a wallpaper from the slideshow select its thumbnail and click the delete button or just tap the Delete key.  To delete multiple wallpapers select wallpapers to be deleted by clicking the check boxes next to its thumbnail image and then click the delete button.

To select the time interval between wallpapers changing click Frequency of "Secs" or "Mins" and drag the slider up or down to get the required frequency.

Select which wallpapers you wish to be in the slide show and then  run the slide show by clicking the Play button.  Wallpapers will now change at the selected interval.

Clicking the Stop button (which replaces the play button whilst the slide show is running) whilst the slide show is running will stop the slide show at the currently displayed wallpaper.


The utility can save lists of slide show images for later user use.  To use this feature first create a slide show as above that you wish to keep and then click the 'Favourite" button next to the bottom of the left hand column.

Favourites window

Favourites window

To add the current list of images as a favourite click the 'Save' button, give the favourite a name when prompted and click + Add button.

To load a favourite slide show just double click a favourite from the Favourites list. This will load the image thumbnails into the main window. Select the required wallpapers and click play to run the saved favourite images.

To restore the list of favourites to the list that was active at the end of the previous session click the 'Restore' buttoin from the Favourite screen. .



Loading and Run at startup

If the Run on startup option is clicked on the main window C Wall Changer will automatically be loaded each time the computer is started. If it was running a slide show at the time the computer last shut down it will automatically run that slide show again. Clicking the option again to remove the tick will stop it from automatically loading next time the computer starts.

To hide the main window click the X close icon at the top right of the window. The utility will continue to run in the background but the window will be hidden. To view the running utility right click the small Wallpaper Changer icon in the task bar (a small blue computer screen) and select Restore. To close the utility completely right click the small Wallpaper Changer icon (a small blue computer screen) and select Exit. You will then need to double click the CWallChanger icon on the desktop to reload it.


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