CGreetings - October 2017 - New Windows 10 release available (Version 3.7.0)

This release introduces an improved Help screen and keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts for users with physical keyboards are as follows;

Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and then press the following keys.

Key Function Detail
p Print Prints out the current card
f Facebook Shares the current card with Facebook
e Email Shares the current card via Email
n Next Page Toggles between Cover and Verse page

Pressing F1 (on its own) will display the help screen

Holding down the Control key (may be marked as Ctrl) plus the p key will also print out the current card.

Note these shortcuts will only work from the main Front Cover and Verse pages, not from other panels.

This release also included new card cover pictures (3 in the Lite version, 9 in the Full Pro version).


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